Cannabis manicures and body treatments are the latest lifestyle trend

Although 91% of youth in the U.S. and UK say socializing with their friends does not involve doing drugs, marijuana is one ‘drug’ gaining widespread acceptance beyond more than just the social sphere. Cannabis is on its way to becoming the next ‘it’ ingredient in the beauty industry, with new  products and treatments incorporating it into new offerings.


Lord Jones doesn’t just create elevated edibles, it also concocts luxurious lotions using California-grown cannabis that's carefully extracted to maintain quality and purity. The company’s pain and wellness topical products, which contain varying amounts of CBD and THC, were designed by a team of professional chemists and personal care industry veterans with decades of experience. The result in an excellent product that delivers a consistent and predictable experience based on testing.


A marijuana-infused manicure offered at LA’s Bellacures nail spa is being called the most relaxing mani-pedi of all time. Dubbed the Canna-Cure, the $50 manicure and $55 pedicure both feature a soak, scrub and lotion containing CBD. The products are supplied by the female-owned cannabis business Kush Queen, which sells a variety of bath bombs made with 100% organic essential oil blends, lab0tested C02 cannabis oil, and CBD isolate for relaxation, pain management, sleep support, and more.


VERTLY is a plant-based balm line founded by husband-and-wife team Claudia (a former editor of W magazine) and Zander (a yogi and nutritionist) in Northern California. The couple collaborated with an esteemed herbalist to create all-natural, luxury lip butter and lotion infused with hemp-derived extracts, focusing on wellness and enjoyment. The star ingredient, Cannabidiol, is a compound sourced from the hemp plant that has been shown to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties.