Pickle-infused beverages go after Gatorade

The quest for performance products has raised the bar for the food and beverage category; 54% of young people in the U.S. and half in the UK, including seven in 10 Trendsetters in both countries, have purchased or are interested in purchasing products that offer functional benefits designed for professional athletes, such as electrolyte replacement. Reflecting this shift, pickle products are being touted for their health and fitness benefits, non unlike chocolate milk’s unlikely makeover in recent years.


While it might not sound thirst-quenching, Pickle Juice Sport is the only trademarked pickle juice on the market 'designed for athletes.' This sports brine created by The Pickle Juice Company is a mixture of pickle juice with vitamins and ingredients shown to aid muscle cramping and replenishment of electrolytes. The Texas-based brand backs its salty sports drink with science, citing studies that show brine's effectiveness at preventing muscle cramps. Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shots have also been added to the lineup, providing a stronger and more potent version of the beverage.


This health-promoting shot is not meant to be consumed as more than a shot-glass gulp, but it’s packed with a garlicky-pickle zing and nutrients that promote wellness. Farmhouse Culture developed their Garlic Dill Pickle flavor as part of their line of beverages known as Gut Punch: probiotic-infused drinks similar to kombucha, but stronger. The company states that a 1.5 ounce sip of the beverage provides twice as many live probiotics as a 16-ounce bottle of kombucha. The shot is made up of only five ingredients: green cabbage, water, cucumber, sea salt, and garlic and is intended for pickle lovers who want to maintain strong gut health as part of a fit lifestyle.


Popularized and well-known at the Minnesota State Fair, Dill Pickle Ale from Barley John’s Brewing Company is dry hopped with dill, horseradish, and pickle brine spices and served with a mini dill pickle garnish on top. The beer was created by owner, John Moore, who wanted to give the flavor more of a dill pickle essence for a subtle experience rather than a harsh explosion of pickle juice in each sip. While Dill Pickle Ale is not being marketed as a sports drink, beer (in moderation) is said to aid in recovery post-workout and becoming more accepted as part of an active lifestyle.