Experiential dessert destinations follow in the Museum of Ice Cream’s footsteps

Following the massive popularity of The Museum of Ice Cream, an immersive experience filled with Instagram-worthy installations that popped up in NYC, LA, SF, and Miami, more sugar-filled attractions are catching on. These Willy Wonka-esque environments offer a youthful, interactive place to escape and are reflective of young consumers' tendency to elevate food above other categories.


This summer, life will get a lot sweeter in NYC when the Museum of Candy opens in the former Limelight building in Manhattan. Restaurant chain Sugar Factory is behind the edible exhibit, which will consist of more than 15 interactive rooms themed around treats alongside a full outpost of the eatery. Exhibits, from a candy unicorn to the world’s largest gummy bear, are designed to delight (and provide colorful fodder to post on social media). Visitors will also get to walk down “Candy Memory Lane” and learn the history of candy from 1900 onward. While there’s been no shortage of museums from food brands in recent months, the Museum Of Candy has garnered much excitement well before opening.


For Valentine’s Day, Mars Wrigley launched a pop-up Sweet ReTreat in NYC where visitors could enjoy chocolate and candy in a colorful environment as they received beauty treatments based around the company’s products. The space was filled with artistic installations and mirrors coated in candy, providing visitors with a colorful backdrop to take photos after getting their complementary salon services, including manicures, pedicures, and blowouts. Candy fans simply signed up online for appointments for them and a friend and could also enjoy treats sprinkled throughout the salon and a candy beverage bar.


Artistic destinations dedicated to sugar aren’t limited to the U.S.; Manila is home to The Dessert Museum, an experiential space that’s equally as colorful and delicious as its candy counterparts. Attendees can navigate through eight themed rooms to learn about treats and get their sugar fix. Among the most popular is a donut slide leading into a room decorated with the dessert. Other rooms are dedicated to marshmallows, ice cream, cotton candy, and cake pops and have edible elements. Visitors are granted entry for a two-hour slot, allowing them ample time to savor their sweets and have a photoshoot.