Glitter beverages are having a moment

If 2017 was the year of rainbow drinks, from unicorn hot chocolate to unicorn lattes, then 2018 is shaping up to the be the year of glitter beverages. Edible glitter is popping up in drinks at establishments across the globe, including in beer, coffee, and milkshakes.


There’s no shortage of specialty brews that provide a wow-factor, from cereal-infused beer to hops inspired by cookies, but lately, the beer creating a buzz is one infused with edible glitter. Bold Missy Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina sells a lemon and pink peppercorn dubbed the “Trapper Keeper” that pays homage to Lisa Frank. Meanwhile, Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado, Three Weavers Brewing in Inglewood, CA, and Minocqua Brewing Company in Minocqua, Wisconsin all have shimmery hops. The trend has even made its way around the world with Two Birds Brewing in Melbourne offering a Stardust IPA that pays tribute to David Bowie.


Coffee drinkers can rise and shine—quite literally—thanks to an emerging beverage trend: glitter lattes. Following the popularity of rainbow coffee drinks, coffee infused with sparkles have caused a stir in recent months for their eye-catching and Instagrammable quality. Coffee chain Coffee By Di Bella, which has locations throughout Mumbai, sparked the trend with drinks available in either iridescent, diamond-like glitter or gold sparkles; both options are said to give the coffee a creamier texture. Similarly, UK coffee shop Melbourne in Lichfield offers its own take with glitter atop regular and turmeric lattes.


Over-the-top milkshakes have become a phenomenon in recent years, with desserts piled high atop the drink. While the latest specialty milkshake isn’t exceptionally tall, it is nonetheless colorful and share-worthy on social media, fueling young consumers’ TasteMaker tendencies. For Valentine’s Day this year, Shake Shack sold a strawberry milkshake with glitter sprinkles at select locations in Atlanta, LA, and NYC. The Millennial pink drink, named the Love Shack, was a collaboration with the B-52s, the creators of the iconic song of the same name. Given the song’s references to glitter, the specialty topping is only appropriate.