Biohacking boosters promise to promote optimal health

Health hacking is becoming more mainstream, with tech luminaries leading the way and consumers following suit thanks to new products and services that give them the power to take health into their own hands. Along with advancements that promote longevity, new pills are entering the market that speak to this mindset.


This startup sells "brain hacking pills," each targeting a specific aspect of cognitive performance. Designed to work together, they offer a tool kit to provide energy and focus, improve memory, protect the body, and improve sleep. While the initial batch focused on Ritalin-type enhancements, later products have expanded into the trendy ketogenic diet and more basic "chewable" coffee bars, which some skeptics claim are less effective than basic caffeine.


This pink pill containing nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is promising to slow aging by reversing the cell's ability to make energy. The pills can supposedly counteract these declines by boosting blood flow among other enhancements. There are almost as many pill sellers as there are of Viagra, so be cautious when seeking out legitimate sources. Most subscriptions are priced around $40-$60 a month. It's important to note that although NMN is already available on the market, the safety and effect on human physiology remain unknown.


This fountain of youth pill purports to target dementia and Alzheimer's. Research on mice found J147-treated mice performed better on memory and cognition tests and “displayed more robust motor movements.” Not only did the mice perform better, they looked remarkably vibrant relative to their actual age. However, as with most rodent trials, thus far it is uncertain whether humans can replicate these same benefits.