Sexual health startups focus on female empowerment

Startups have been rebranding sexual wellness for the modern Millennial male in recent months, which speaks to our finding that 86% of Gen Y men want to take charge of their sexual health. Now, more women’s health startups are in the spotlight, addressing sexuality through the lens of gender neutrality and female empowerment.


Maude was founded by former employees of Everlane and Kiki De Montparnasse who, tired of seeing an outdated and gendered approach to sexual wellness, set out to create a line of products that were more minimalist and unisex. The company sells organic and silicone lubricants, natural latex condoms, and a waterproof silicone vibrator in elevated minimalist designs that, per Fast Company, “are neither porny nor feminine.” It also features articles on sexual health via it’s blog, The Maudern.


The founder of Seventh Generation extended his eco-friendly ethos to Sustain Natural, a sexual health startup he co-founded with his daughter. Environmentalists from day one, the team make products with the planet in mind. From sourcing Fair Trade latex for condoms to organic cotton for tampons, the company believes in building a brand that makes the world a better place; 10% of profits are donated to women's healthcare organizations. Sustain Natural also hosts pop-up events and discussions devoted to sexual health.


Because lobbying the old-fashioned way isn’t always enough, women’s sexual health and wellness startup Unbound launched a campaign to put a vibrator in the hands of every member of congress to raise awareness for women’s rights in reaction to last year’s Senate healthcare bill that largely overlooked females. When it isn’t pushing for change, the company sells vibrators, lubricants, toys, accessories, and more via its playfully illustrated site.