New immersive museums offer prime photo-opps

Modern youth have given rise to interactive exhibits that are visually-striking playgrounds, where they can get hands-on with art and take creative pictures. While there’s been no shortage of these spaces in recent months, the trend shows few signs of slowing given young consumers’ passion for experiences.


Following the popularity of The Museum of Ice Cream and several other dessert-focused experiential destinations, avocados are next to get an Instagram-worthy exhibit. The CADO is a pop-up museum coming to San Diego this summer that will pay tribute to the fruit through interactive rooms. Highlights include a 100-foot ombré hallway where visitors can experience what it would be like to walk through an avocado and a ripe room with textured walls showcasing how to pick the perfect one. Recognizing that share-worthy backdrops alone are not enough to satisfy consumers, The CADO will focus on storytelling as well, with each room offering a narrative that builds on the one before it.


Pizza museums have been popping up around the country in recent years, with Chicago hosting one and Pizza Hut recently unveiling a version on the Wichita State University campus. Next, New Yorkers can flock to an Instagrammable space dedicated to the dish when the aptly named Museum of Pizza opens in October for a two-week stint. Created by video production company Nameless Network, the exhibit boasts a gallery, cave, fun house, and beach all centered around the food, as well as a screening room and games. Throughout the experience, visitors learn about the history of pizza and engage all of their senses.


Much like the interactive pop-up Happy Place is designed to bring joy and shareworthy fodder to LA, the forthcoming experience Happy-Go Lucky will attempt to do the same in NYC. The multi-sensory exhibit produced by Sunnyhues Entertainment is filled with bright colors, aromas, music, and treats that encourage happiness and transport attendees on a journey through eight thematic rooms. Visitors can travel through a diamond room resembling a kaleidoscope containing mirrored crystals, a pink beach room, a hot pepper room, a velvet feather installation, and more. Interest in such spaces is reflective of youth’s quest to have notable social experiences that provide a sense of adventure.