Laundromats get a stylish, modern upgrade

Despite the ease of outsourcing chores such as laundry nowadays, young adults actually prefer doing many personal tasks themselves. In fact, 66% of U.S. youth aged 14-34 would rather do household tasks than outsource them, as revealed in our recently released Betterment Report. Fueling this outlook are a growing number of next generation laundromats that transform the often-dreaded experience into a pleasant, more resonant one.


One of the hippest places in Williamsburg, Brooklyn these days is none other than a laundromat, albeit a beautifully designed one. Celsious bills itself as a modern launderette that blends sustainability and luxury, providing a “medi-spa” for one’s garments. Guests pay per wash, which includes a free cup of detergent by The Simply Co., and Celsious specialists are on hand to help remove stains and offer tips about how to best care for laundry. Although visitors can opt for a wash-and-dry service, the environment invites them to sit and get comfortable during the spin cycle; there’s an outdoor patio and café, which serves popular wellness drinks including turmeric lattes and bone broth.


San Francisco has its own design-forward, eco-conscious place for people to do their laundry and hang out. Laundré in the Mission District is lined with plants and energy-efficient Electrowash machines, providing free sustainable soap and detergent with every wash. Like Celsious, Laundré prides itself on service and attendants are available to educate customers. Customers can relax in a wellness-inducing space with communal tables and a café serving Sightglass coffee, colorful healthy lattes, and a menu of breakfast staples. The company is the brainchild of founder Ariana Roviello; while studying fashion in college, she was inspired to create a welcoming, stylish space where people would want to wash their wardrobe.


Chic laundry hangouts are also catching on in Australia, with Powder Laundry rolling out locations throughout Melbourne. Each space is a Millennial pink paradise that brings the retro feel of laundromats into the modern era. The bright, minimalist design isn’t just for show; the aesthetic helps convey that doing laundry can be an enjoyable experience—an approach that other industries are increasingly employing as well. Vogue even dubs it a cool hangout based on Powder’s positioning as a lifestyle brand. Additionally, Powder boasts that it’s Australia’s first coin-free laundromat, and like its U.S. counterparts, it prides itself on being eco-friendly, with energy efficient machines.