These sparkling beverages provide an extra boost

Following the success of LaCroix, Pepsi's Bubly, and more brands that are capitalizing on Millennials’ proven penchant for fizzy water, new bubbly beverages are being taken to the next level with the addition of a caffeine buzz. Although more young people tend to drink coffee than energy drinks, these new hybrids could help sway their drink of choice when it comes to caffeinated beverages. 


Described as a mix between LaCroix and coffee, Phocus is targeting female consumers with its pastel-colored cans coming in flavors including natural, blood orange, grapefruit, cucumber, and yuzu lime. Each 11.5 oz. can of the vegan and gluten-free drink contains the caffeine equivalent of one standard cup of coffee or three cups of tea. The calorie-free drink is also marketed as a mixer for alcohol, appealing to the growing number of young people who are interested in drinking healthier alcoholic beverages. 


Starting in June, Zola will continue its expansion beyond coconut and açaí juices to introduce four sparkling energy waters said to contain the caffeine equivalent of one and a half espresso shots from plant-powered caffeine derived from green coffee, green tea, and yerba mate extracts. The cans, available at more than 1,800 retailers, come in four 10-calorie flavors with no added sugar. The brand first dipped its toes into the energy-infused arena last year by introducing four flavors of hydrating energy drinks that combined organic sparkling coconut water with plant-based ingredients and an organic energy blend sourced from green coffee and green tea extracts.


Although best known for its caffeinated energy drinks, only one flavor of the company's new line of organic sodas will "give wings" to energy seekers. In addition to the caffeine-infused Red Bull Simply Cola, the line includes bitter lemon, ginger ale, and tonic water. The products first launched in March in San Diego and several cities in North Carolina. One-third of of Z Trendsetters think soda is as bad as cigarettes, but the organic and caffeine-free components will appeal to young consumers’ health consciousness.