Cassandra Report Digest

Insights from our Betterment Report

As highlighted in our Betterment Report, young people are frustrated by the abundance of personal care products promising to make them a “better you,” and are embracing customization in this category to ensure they’re buying items that meet their specific needs. Brands are increasingly leveraging factors from one’s lifestyle and environment to their DNA to guide consumers to products that offer optimal performance.


Only 37% of young people aged 14-34, as well as 49% of Trendsetters in this age range, trust beauty/grooming companies. Given this outlook, brands in this space need to give consumers greater confidence to purchase their products, namely by showing they understand their individual skincare needs. EpigenCare takes this approach in offering a noninvasive at-home kit that collects DNA from a user’s skin and offers skincare recommendations based on factors like elasticity, moisture, and pigmentation. EpigenCare, which was named one of the winners of Johnson & Johnson’s recent Digital Beauty QuickFire Challenge, will bring its direct-to-consumer test kits to market later this year.


Eight in 10 young people in the U.S., as well as 87% of Trendsetting youth, feel better about themselves if they buy products that are customized. L'Oréal is catering to this preference with SkinCeuticals CUSTOM D.O.S.E., a new personal skincare service that scans and evaluates users’ skin needs and combines active ingredients into a tailor-made corrective serum. The D.O.S.E experience begins with a professional skincare consultation, during which data is logged on a tablet and then transferred to the D.O.S.E. machine that mixes and dispenses customized serum. A custom label is then printed for each consumer, including an expiration data and a barcode for easy reordering.


Young consumers’ interest in customized products is apparent across categories as of late, from health and wellness to the home and even packaging. Lately, it’s especially evident in the personal care space, with 68% of youth in the U.S. and 78% of Trendsetters saying they’re interested in more customized beauty/grooming products. UK-based company GeneU accommodates this desire with an at-home or in-store DNA and lifestyle test that creates skin profiles for each customer and determines the right personalized serums for each person. The DNA test reveals the exact levels of a person’s collagen production and antioxidants and produces one serum for each of these factors.