Brand collaborations give mindfulness resources to airline passengers

As the mindfulness movement continues to grow—54% of U.S. Trendsetters aged 14-34 say they practice mindfulness—so too do resources intended to help people practice it: meditation apps generated more than $100 million in revenue in 2017. New collaborations between meditation companies and airlines are taking the mindfulness movement to new heights as resources are made available to passengers traveling by plane.


The Mind app, which offers more than 200 meditation sessions on its mobile version, partnered with Air France to provide travelers with 12 in-flight sessions, six geared toward children and six for adults, available in four languages. The sessions, available to passengers on long-haul flights on their individual screens, offer a guided audio meditation and accompanying video. Like Mind’s other meditations, which are directed toward specific situations such as sleeping, the sessions on Air France flights focus on mindfulness when in an airplane environment.


Even though yoga has become a widely popular mainstream practice, it still might seem odd to do it on an airplane—even though doing yoga with goats is all the rage. The collaboration between Pure Yoga and Cathay Pacific aims to help travelers stretch and relax on long flights by providing the Travel Well with Yoga series of in-flight videos available in four languages on passengers’ screens, demonstrating yoga and meditation practices that can be done in one’s seat.


The in-flight meditation channel and audio exercises launched by mindfulness app Headspace are making headway; they are now available aboard airplanes flown by JetBlue, Delta, United, Air Canada, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific. The in-flight offerings by Headspace, which has previously partnered with additional brands to offer experience-specific meditation guides, vary by airline, but the content is all focused on travel- and sleep-related relaxation techniques geared toward calming passengers and even helping them conquer jet lag after their flight.