Brands are rallying behind female consumers

People around the world are taking issue with gender-based pricing discrimination in what is known as the “pink tax.” The pink tax refers to the price markup on personal items and services marketed to women. These brands are taking a stand against price inequality by creating anti-pink tax campaigns and services. These efforts resonate with young consumers who value when brands demonstrate social consciousness.


European Wax Center is a chain of hair removal salons in the U.S. that’s joined the fight against the pink tax. While the company says it has never charged women more for its products and services, it has decided to support its mostly female clientele with an anti-pink tax campaign called #AxThePinkTax. The campaign for equal pricing features a site with social media content and a calculation of how much the average female consumer has lost to the pink tax. The company has also promised to make donations to various women-focused charities. In creating this campaign, EWC is aligning its values with those of its young customers who believe gender equality to be a given.


Boxed is a bulk item shipping company that’s taken a firm position against the pink tax. The company says that it’s noted that items such as shampoo, body wash, and deodorant cost more for women than for men and that products such as tampons and sanitary napkins were taxed as luxury items. To promote price equality, Boxed sells everyday items for men and women at the same price per ounce or per unit. The company also reduced the price of menstrual hygiene products in states where such items are taxed. According to Boxed’s VP of Communications, Ashish Prashar, the company has seen an increase in sales since it adjusted its prices to reflect gender equity.


Snowe is shaking up the home goods market with its direct-to-consumer model. Founders Rachel Cohen and Andrés Modak started Snowe in order to provide luxury quality homewares at attainable prices. In the wake of the growing awareness of the pink tax, the brand released a line of blush pink bedding that will be 7% less expensive than its other bedding sets. As women’s products cost 7% more than men’s products, Snowe hopes its discounted blush pink collection can act as a small consolation and increase consumer awareness about gender-based price discrimination.