Consumers can customize these beverages

Young people have a penchant for personalization, and brands have met this desire by offering customizable products, from diets to beauty products to vitamins. New beverages are tapping into this trend by giving consumers the tools to customize drinks to their tastes.


Pepsi tapped into young consumer’s love of flavored carbonated water by producing bubly, and now it’s appealing to their desire for customization with Drinkfinity. The beverage comes in pods that separate the dry and liquid ingredients until a consumer pours the contents into water; the brand sells a reusable water bottle for this intent. Flavors can be combined to make one unique to a consumer’s tastes. The Drinkfinity pods are also eco-friendly, using 65% less plastic than a 20 oz. ready-to-drink beverage in a bottle.


Coca-cola has experimented with unique packaging, and they’re known for selling bottles of soda with people’s names on them, but their new innovation allows consumers to personalize their beverage in a different way. The brand’s new fountain drink machine lets users connect to it with Bluetooth to prepare their beverage to their exact specifications, allowing them to mix different sodas and add various flavors with precision. Due to the smartphone connection, the machine will also remember the user’s drink preference when they return.


Using machine learning and proprietary algorithms, Johnnie Walker’s My Edition tool helps consumers find the perfect whiskey for their palette. The online experience asks users questions about what food they order from restaurants, flavors they like, scents they wear, and more to determine which of six Johnnie Walker whiskey varieties is the right fit. Consumers can also personalize their bottle with engravings and custom labels. Diageo, Johnnie Walker’s parent company, partnered with Vivanda, a company specializing in digitizing taste, to produce the tool.