Yoga practices incorporate wine and beer

Mindfulness is top of mind for modern young people, with more than seven in 10 practicing it. One way in which they’re doing so is by being more mindful about their drinking habits, choosing to indulge in moderation. These yoga classes combine the practice of mindfulness and mindful drinking in a balance fit for young consumers seeking both.


NYC-based yoga instructor and actress Eli Walker started Drunk Yoga to help ease beginners into the practice. Six in 10 Millennials are hesitant to try exercise activities/equipment that they’ve never done/used before, and adding a little liquid courage helps lessen such concerns. Walker hosts the class at the Grey Lady restaurant and bar, offering attendees wine prior to the class, during the practice, and afterward. Although she recognizes that buzzed might not be the best state to connect with the intended mindfulness of yoga, anything that encourages people to try the practice is a positive.


The two founders of BierYoga say that their practice is “fun, but it’s no joke.” During an hour-long yoga session taking place at various bars, festivals, and private parties in Berlin, Germany, attendees not only drink beer but actually incorporate it into the exercise. Traditional yoga poses are punctuated with beer salutations, balancing a bottle on one’s head, and more imbibing actions. The certified yogis teaching the classes believe that the joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga complement one another.


Brew You Wellness is dedicated to helping people choose the ingredients to create the lifestyle they want; along with workplace wellness services and health coaching, the founder—a former beer industry exec who left the corporate world to become a yoga instructor and health and lifestyle coach—offers Brew You Yoga. Based in NYC, yoga classes are offered at the Bronx Brewery and Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., followed by a beer tasting. Brew You also offers a rosé yoga class in Central Park and sessions at private events.