Planes, trains, and buses offer sleep-friendly travel accommodations

Sleep is incredibly important to young consumers, who often stress over how much—or how little—they’re getting. Travel is also an aspirational activity, and catching enough Zzzs while fulfilling their wanderlust will be easier than ever with these innovative travel accommodations.


Meditation apps are offering services specifically for airline passengers, but those flying in Emirates’ new first-class cabins will hardly need an app to experience mindfulness. The cabins, available on flights from Dubai to Geneva and Brussels starting in December for approximately $9k round-trip, offer 40 square feet of privacy, with room to change clothes even when the lie-flat bed is in position. The interiors are modeled after the Mercedes Benz S-Class car, which the airline will use to chauffer first-class passengers to the airport. Those in cabins with window seats will receive binoculars to take in the view and interior cabins will feature virtual windows that project the sky outside.


The Orient Express has been chugging along in some form from London to Venice and cities in between since 1883, epitomizing high class travel. The train’s latest accomodations takes the luxury experience to the next level; the three new suites are inspired by and modeled after Paris, Venice, and Istanbul. The design elements, including hand-beaded embroidery, crystal furnishing, Damask silks, and embossed leather, represent the train’s heyday in the Roaring Twenties. The private cabins, featuring seating and eating room, a bed, and a marble bathroom, are soundproofed.


Mattress startup Simba has found success using both retail channels and a direct-to-consumer model, which has been popular lately for bedding companies, and it plans to diversify even further by adding a travel component. The brand has designed the Snoozeliner, a bus featuring 14 sleeping pods, giving London commuters the opportunity to sleep onboard. The pods will comfort passengers with blackout blinds, an amber light therapy system, and sound isolation. Simba aims to have eight Snoozeliner routes active across the UK by this fall.