New co-working spaces are catering to the needs of mothers

Every day can be Bring Your Child to Work day at these co-working spaces designed specifically for the working mom in mind. The cultural conversation about equality in the workplace has pushed the issue of childcare to the forefront, and these brands are responding by creating work environments where women can pursue their careers knowing their children are being cared for nearby.


The Riveter is a co-working space with locations in Seattle and LA that seeks to empower members in both work and wellness. The space, available to all genders, provides a variety of resources and amenities to foster work-life balance and help its members prioritize wellness throughout their work days. The Riveter provides its members daily in-house yoga, barre classes five days a week, and end-of-workday meditation sessions. The company has partnered with local childcare providers to offer their members a menu of childcare solutions and the space also has a childcare swap where members can swap childcare hours for office time. The Riveter is equipped with mothers’ rooms for nursing moms.


Grace & Frankie actress June Diane Raphael and TV producer Jess Zaino met and bonded over their shared struggles as working mothers. Both women wanted to address the emotional and logistical hurdles that women face when trying to balance a career and motherhood; together they co-founded The Jane Club located in the Hancock Park neighborhood of LA, which has been dubbed a “matriarchal oasis.” This high end members-only club offers a wide range of spaces, including office space, meeting areas, a daycare, a breastfeeding space, a screening room, and a recording studio. The Jane Club will also offer self-care services and amenities such as blowouts, Botox, manicures, yoga and dance classes, and laundry services.


Nido is a non-profit co-working space located in Durham, NC that caters to working parents by providing an onsite Montessori preschool for members’ children. Nido currently has a license for a half-day preschool and is in the process of developing a full-time program. The organization’s childcare program functions as a co-op wherein parents can volunteer a few hours a week helping out around the Nido space to receive discounts. Nido accepts members regardless of gender but is specifically designed to support the needs of self-identifying women and mothers.