Crystal-infused beauty and skincare products are a gem

The market for healing crystals is growing as more modern young consumers turn to alternative medicines—more than four in 10 U.S. Trendsetters use them. As young generations embrace new methods of self-care, crystals are being offered in unique forms, such as embedded in water bottles and infused in beauty and skincare.


Vegan, cruelty free brand Pacifica Beauty launched a Crystal Collection this spring. The product line, encouraging consumers to boost their aura and get glowing, includes face wash, micellar cleansing tonic, oils and serums, lotion, mascara, and micro-batch perfume, all infused with crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz. When speaking of the power of crystals, Pacifica’s founder said, “Beyond their beauty, the idea of taking better care of one’s self is not only a trend but a lifestyle,” which is especially in line with the importance modern youth place on self-care and self-improvement.


The natural beauty movement is gaining momentum as more young consumers turn toward natural products, and The Detox Market is a growing retailer of such, with an online store and six storefronts in California and Canada. The Detox Market recently partnered with Zurich-based luxury skincare brand Nazan Schnapp, which has previously used crystals in its products, for an exclusive rollout of a gemstone-infused line. The products, running from $22 to $101, includes face masks infused with rose quartz, amethyst, and aquamarine, intended for renewing, regenerating, and detoxifying, respectively.


Girl Undiscovered, a beauty brand owned and run by a female collective, is committed to going beyond organic and using “100% wild” ingredients. Its Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water is made of water untouched by the outside world sourced at depths of 160 meters, infused with Thanaka 8 Extract, wild island kanuka honey, aloe juice, and Balinese virgin coconut oil, and infused with rose quartz and citrine crystals once bottled. The facial product retails for $42 and removes makeup, cleanses, and hydrates skin.