Beauty brands roll out zodiac-inspired products 

As young consumers seek to optimize their beauty routines, they are turning to personalized products made to suit their unique attributes. Rather than appeal to consumers’ physical traits, these beauty brands are hopping on the astrology bandwagon and creating products that are tailored to each zodiac sign. 


As veganism gains popularity all over the world, many consumers are making a point to shop vegan for their non-food items as well. Wet n Wild’s cruelty-free Zodiac Collection will feature eyeshadow palettes and highlighters in four variations, one for each of the classical elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. The four variants draw inspiration from the elements—the Water palette containing cool blues, the Fire housing vibrant golds and reds, and so on. Representing each of the individual zodiac signs is the Color Icon Lip Gloss, coming in 12 shimmery shades inspired by each respective celestial sign.


Mercury may be in retrograde, but that’s not stopping BITE Cosmetics from staying on-trend. The brand’s Astrology by BITE line of lipsticks gets a new edition every month—a lipstick inspired by the star sign of the season. The most recent release, the Leo lipstick, is a glittery gold, playing off of Leos’ characteristically bold personalities. BITE is giving personalized beauty products a new meaning by appealing to consumers’ inner rather than outer beauty to customize their lipsticks. 


Cult favorite BH Cosmetics achieved such status thanks to the launch of their highly coveted Zodiac Palette. The eyeshadow set comes with a metallic and a matte shade for each astrological sign, as well as an iridescent highlighter. The limited-edition palette costs $22, which comes out to less than a dollar per shadow. Its low price yet high demand among trendsetters speaks to the fact that the majority of global youth agree that a person doesn't have to spend a lot of money to be fashionable today.