Skincare companies use DNA to analyze individual needs

As modern youth desire customization in all areas of their life, brands utilizing DNA to provide explicitly individualized products and services are growing in popularity, from food plans to apps matching roommates and significant others. Skincare companies using DNA tests for personalized recommendations are one niche area that’s growing.


North Carolina-based Targeted Skin analyzes 15 skin-related genetic markers to give users results on firmness and elasticity, sun spotting and pigmentation, free radical damage, sensitivity, and glycation, as well as recommended skincare products to achieve optimal skin health. The test sells for $99 and the brand’s own products, which include sunscreen, eye serum, moisturizer, and more and can also be purchased without taking the DNA test, run from $40 to $99. Young people appreciate brands that leverage such an individualized approach to provide them the best products.


Swedish skincare company Allél has successfully launched in the UK and recently partnered with Biolite Clinic in Dubai to launch its personalized services in the Middle East. After a DNA test examines 16 genetic markers in five key drivers of skin aging, Allél recommends skincare products and nutritional supplements based on an individual’s unique skin profile. These items can be purchased individually or in a three-month supply. The DNA testing kit and a three-month supply of eye creams, serums, cleansers, and vitamins runs around $2,000, but the high price is also high profile; 2018 Academy Award nominees received a one-year supply of Allél products.


With founders in Canada and Hawaii, LifeDNA is already a multinational startup. The company analyzes genetic markers to discover such traits as predisposition for dry skin or vitamin C deficiency, and combines it with additional factors such as family history and lifestyle to provide a personalized skincare and supplement routine. The kits are available in four types, featuring the DNA test and various levels of included products, ranging from $139 and $329 in addition to a monthly subscription. The skincare pack includes customized cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, and mask.