Pastries stuffed with savory snacks offer hybrid treats

It’s been five years since the first croissant hybrid—the Cronut—took the world by storm. More unexpected combos of delectable delights have hit dessert shops across the globe since then, including an uptick in savory over sweet, from pickle-flavored popcorn to salmon-flavored ice cream to these stuffed pastries. 


To add fanfare to the opening of its second location, the husband and wife duo behind San Francisco’s Vive la Tarte bakery created the tacro: a taco in a croissant “shell.” When the first iteration, made in a batch of 100, sold out in under two hours, they knew they were onto something. The bakery started offering versions of the tacro with fillings including chicken and avocado, pulled pork and pineapple, and jackfruit, a vegetarian-friendly option growing in popularity across cuisines. Vive la Tarte plans to sell tacros with seasonal ingredients and may create a breakfast version.


The traditional British dish of baked pudding is turned into the base for a meat lover’s pizza by UK supermarket chain Morrisons. The crispy Yorkshire pudding crust supports the fillings of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni, with the addition of mini meatballs, spicy beef, and jalapeno chilies for the even heartier version. As an almost universally loved dish, experimental pizzas, such as slices topped with Flamin' Hot Cheetos, are a common choice for a hybrid combination in today’s foodie landscape.


Though it’s not wrapped in edible gold like a similarly unique sushi creation, the cross-category treat created by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in California wraps a sushi roll in a croissant. The salmon roll, complete with ginger and wasabi, is surrounded by a classic French croissant and topped with dried sesame and seaweed; soy sauce is offered on the side. Unlike the usual cold, raw fish in typical sushi rolls, the salmon is smoked, providing a less discordant taste and texture than one might expect from a sushi-stuffed croissant.