Ice cream flavors feature condiments

Dessert that is savory rather than sweet is having a moment, including unique savory ice cream flavors. These international offerings give consumers a new way to eat their favorite condiments, including ice cream flavored with mayo, soy sauce, and BBQ sauce.


ICE Falkirk, an artisanal ice cream shop in Scotland, is known for its unique flavors, from ice cream infused with Monster Energy drink to capitalizing on the unicorn trend by creating ice cream representative of the mythical creature. Its latest experiment, however, caused quite the storm on social media: ice cream flavored with Hellmann’s mayonnaise. While many Twitter users responded in disgust, others replied with their desire to try it, and one brave soul who actually ate a scoop described it as “nice, creamy and rich.”


Young people love trying food from around the globe, and visitors to Bangkok have a new treat to taste: soy sauce ice cream. Deksomboon, a Thai soy sauce and seasoning brand, adds black soy sauce to ice cream for a sweet and savory dessert. Deksomboon opened a new showroom in the city’s Chinatown where visitors can try the new soy sauce flavor alongside other ice cream options, and purchase condiments that aren’t widely available in stores. Like its soy sauce and plum sauce sorbet flavors, Deksomboon plans to release two additional soft serve varieties featuring its array of sauces.


Backyard barbeques are a Texas staple, and Houston-based Red Circle ice cream showed its true colors by offering a BBQ flavor, complete with bacon bits, to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Red Circle, which has been open about a year and is known for its creative use of churros in churro “lollipops” and heart-shaped churros, also likes to experiment with its ice cream flavors. The shop has offered the likes of green tea ice cream, purple ube ice cream, and spicy ice cream featuring Flamin’ Hot Cheetos