Beauty brands make the zero-waste pledge

While beauty, skin, and hair products make consumers feel clean and polished, the same cannot be said about their impact on the environment. The abundance of plastic waste generated from packaging ends up in landfills or the ocean where it causes pollution and endangers wildlife. Out of care for the planet and consumers, the following zero-waste brands are taking great steps to reduce and eliminate their environmental impact.


Green entrepreneur and biochemist Brianne West founded the ethical beauty brand Ethique because she wanted to offer people products that made a difference to the environment. With this in mind, she formulated hair, face, and body products into solids that don’t contain water or palm oil. All of Ethique’s products are sustainably produced, biodegradable, certifiably safe, and cruelty-free. Brands like Ethique that make commitments to be zero-waste and zero-plastic stand out to young consumers who are looking to them for help to lessen their carbon footprint.


After realizing how much plastic waste her bathroom cabinet generated, Hannah Pumfrey set out to create a retail space where environmentally conscious consumers could purchase cosmetics and toiletries. She founded Acala, an online health and beauty store that curates brands and goods that are plastic-free and zero-waste. The website offers not only health, beauty, and skincare products but also sells reusable items that help people live a zero-waste lifestyle, such as glass containers and bamboo straws. Brands that promote and facilitate the zero-waste lifestyle resonate with modern youth who value sustainability.


The cosmetic retailer Lush is making leaps and bounds toward reducing its impact on the environment. Along with using 100% post-consumer plastic in its bottles and pots, the brand has also created lines of “naked” products, meaning they are sold with zero packaging. The latest of these eco-friendly products is Lush’s shampoo bars, which come in 14 different scents and are package-free. Shampoo bars aren’t only eco-friendly but also cost efficient as each bar lasts the same number of washes as three of Lush’s medium-sized shampoo bottles.