Subscription services deliver feminine care products

Products and services in the feminine care sector are innovating to make periods pain-free by offering organic tampons and a wearable device that literally relieves pain from cramps. These startups are joining the growing vertical by providing subscription delivery services.


Products and services using artificial intelligence to track fertility are growing, but they don’t take the extra step of turning such data into a delivery service for that time of the month like Freda does. Based on initial consumer-input information, Freda uses an algorithm to get to know a user’s cycle—even learning irregular patterns—sending products when they’re needed. Along with providing environmentally friendly products Freda is also socially responsible, working with three charities to help under-privileged females receive better access to period care.


Launched as an organic tampon subscription service in 2015, LOLA recently closed $24 million in Series B funding and launched its SEX by LOLA line. Adding to its repertoire of feminine care products including tampons, pads, and cramps treatment, LOLA is selling condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes, available in a monthly subscription or a la carte. LOLA’s founders wanted to offer an alternative to the many sexual wellness products marketed toward men; additionally, the new product line is free of irritating additives.


Although consumers are interested in organic products and even willing to pay a premium for such in some cases, high quality at a low cost is a strong purchase motivator. Athena Club is aiming for just that by providing two types of tampons—one of cotton and rayon and one of 100% organic cotton—at a monthly subscription price for less than the competition's average of $10/box. The New York-based startup launched this summer after raising $3.8 million in seed funding and also sells its products in Free People locations.