New apps offer discounts on food & beverages

Young consumers are highly passionate about food and beverage culture, so much so that they prioritize spending in this category. In fact, more than eight in 10 U.S. youth aged 14-34 say they spend what they consider a lot of money on food and beverages, as do 90% of Trendsetting youth in this age range. New services tap into their desire to eat and drink out by reducing the expense with freebies and discounts.


Young consumers are increasingly willing to give up their personal data if they get a benefit in return and if brands are transparent about how they’ll use their information, as addressed in our latest report, The Innovation Outlook. The app Drinki taps into young people’s willingness to hand over their information by giving users a free drink at more than 100 participating bars across England if they disclose their age, gender, and email address. Users simply show a code to the bartender and rate the drink to provide alcohol brands with valuable data on young people’s preferences. Due to popularity, Drinki is expanding into other cities in the UK this year.


Currently in beta and launching publicly next month, PintPass gives users $2 to spend at participating breweries in exchange for answering questions about their experience, such as what drink they had and their opinion of the atmosphere. Having this information allows taprooms to continually evolve and better cater to consumers’ preferences. The company prides itself on transparency as it acknowledges that this information will be shared with the breweries and the Brewer’s Association, but names, phone numbers, and emails won’t be handed over. Users can review up to four breweries each calendar month.


The app Spotluck gamifies dining by allowing users to choose a neighborhood where they want to eat and spin a digital roulette wheel of local restaurants to earn discounts. They then receive between 15 and 35% off at whichever eatery they land on. Users can only spin once in each neighborhood per day, with savings varying based on factors including the day of the week, time of day, and the weather, all of which impact how busy a spot will be. In doing so, users can discover new restaurants and are encouraged to support local businesses. Spotluck, which currently operates in a handful of cities, including New York, the D.C. area, and Philadelphia, is rapidly expanding.