New coffee varieties deliver additional health benefits

Modern youth are multitaskers and they want the food and beverages they consume to be, too; health-conscious young consumers seek out products that provide additional benefits to their physical and mental health. The following healthy coffee varieties are optimizing that morning cup of java to deliver more than a caffeine boost with supplementary nutrients.


The latest trendy latte can amazingly contribute to one’s five-a-day servings of fruits and vegetables—that is, if one can stomach it. Australian-based company Hort Innovation developed a powder made of finely ground dried broccoli. The product was tested at a Melbourne café where baristas added it to espresso and steamed milk. While its taste was met with mixed reviews, the health benefits of the powder cannot be denied as two tablespoons contain the value of one serving of vegetables. Its creators forsee the product being a better addition to smoothies, dips, soups, and baked goods and hope to aid in the effort to reduce food waste as the powder is made from ugly broccoli that would otherwise be thrown away. 


Coffee and tea lovers can get their daily dose of caffeine and vitamins in one steaming cup with Vitacup pods. The makers of Vitacup came up with the brilliant idea to take the widely consumed beverage and combine it with one’s daily vitamin needs. These new healthy coffee and tea pods are infused with a blend of five essential B vitamins, vitamin D3, and antioxidants so coffee consumers never have to miss their daily vitamin regimen. Products like Vitacup that provide extra health benefits resonate among today’s health-conscious youth who are seeking lifestyle products that actively support the body and optimize health.


While the medicinal properties of mushrooms have been utilized in Eastern medicine for centuries, the rise of the wellness movement has seen this adaptogenic superfood enter Western mainstream culture in the form of protein powder, tonics, and now coffee. Mushroom coffee, such as that produced by Four Sigmatic, is made of regular coffee beans that have been blended with mushroom extracts to add an extra health boost. The less acidic, less caffeinated mushroom coffee is said to help elevate brain function, promote immune health, reduce stress, and boost the immune system.