Hormone-focused innovations give females control

Women’s healthcare is an expanding sector, with necessities like feminine care products getting an overhaul by going organic and subscription-based, and technology making it possible to relieve menstrual pain or track fertility with wearable devices. These brands take on hormones to help females best cater to their bodies. 


Online platform Moody is intended for more than tracking one’s period; it helps women understand their emotions and hormones within the context of their cycles and how to deal with them, in addition to offering content covering exercise, beauty, and more. The platform provides tips and tricks, interviews with health and wellness experts, and a curated store featuring products like sleepwear and vitamins. The Moody Month app was recently released in the UK, with plans for launch in the U.S. soon.


Customers of Moon Cycle Bakery create a personal profile online or using the app to receive a monthly delivery of desserts coinciding with their menstrual cycle. Moon Cycle recognizes that many women crave sweets during their time of the month, but they offer healthier alternatives such as matcha coconut bites, sweet potato brownies with chocolate chunks, and chocolate cups with gluten-free pretzels. Users supply any dietary restrictions; Moon Cycle offers vegan and gluten- and dairy-free options. Consumers who don’t want a monthly delivery can buy treats a la carte. 


This summer, the FDA approved birth control app Natural Cycles. The app presents a natural method for preventing pregnancy; users take their temperature each morning and the app’s algorithm uses the data to predict which days they’re likely to be fertile and which days they’re not. Although Natural Cycles received negative feedback due to claims it made in an early ad, the company has updated its language to better reflect its accuracy for users. A touchy subject for some, birth control and other women’s topics are being destigmatized through more coverage in pop culture