Pickle-flavored desserts are the “real dill”

Cassandra has previously covered the rising popularity of pickle-flavored products across various food categories from soda to popcorn and now, pickle-flavored desserts are popping up. The demand for both sweet and salty confections mirrors the general trend toward savory desserts as the cultural culinary needle shifts from sweet toward savory. 


Offering a sweet and edible experience for Harry Potter fans everywhere, XO Marshmallows launched a limited edition set of pillowy confections called “The Sorting Hat Gift Set,” featuring four distinct flavors for each Hogwarts house of Rowling’s wizarding world. The gift set’s Wicked Pickle flavor, which is made with actual dill pickle juice, corresponds to Slytherin, the house of dark wizards. The other flavors also include interesting elements: Sriracha and honey (Gryffindor), turmeric and orange (Hufflepuff), and blackberry and brown butter (Ravenclaw). 


Drive-thru restaurant chain Sonic debuted a shockingly green pickle-flavored slush this summer to rave reviews. The fast food purveyor is taking their pickle push one step further by allowing customers to add the slush’s pickle-flavored syrup to anything on the menu, such as sundaes or milkshakes, for a small surcharge, so that the flavor isn’t limited to one refreshing treat. Sonic’s pickle slush sits nicely in a landscape where savory and even downright strange flavors are permeating icy desserts.


As ice cream increasingly becomes a common canvas for extreme flavor experimentation—especially when it comes to bizarre flavors, like BBQ sauce and mayonnaise—fast casual restaurant Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. introduced a soft serve to its menu this summer featuring the ingredient of the restaurant’s name. According to Grub Street, it tastes more like cucumber than full-on sour pickle, but the treat is nonetheless a refreshing addition to the innovative ice cream landscape.