New deodorant brands cater to young consumers’ values

The personal care industry is addressing an often overlooked and underappreciated area: underarms. Smelling fresh shouldn’t come at a cost to people’s health or the environment. Modern youth have become more discerning when it comes to their products, especially ones that traditionally contain harsh chemicals and/or contribute to plastic waste. Young consumers appreciate brands that offer all-natural, sustainable alternatives to everyday items, therefore making it easier for them to live true to their values.


Modern consumers are fueling a movement to reduce plastic waste and brands like Myro are helping them do it. New York City-based design studio Visibility created a new refillable deodorant system called Myro. During the development process, designers were conscious of the product’s environmental impact and were able to create a system that uses 50% less plastic than traditional deodorants. The product comes in two parts: the case and the pod. Designers created Myro’s sleek, minimalistic case to be an item that consumers would would to display on their counter, not hide away in a drawer. The deodorant pod is plant-based and aluminum-free and comes in five all-natural, gender-inclusive scents.


Helmm is a deodorant/antiperspirant with a modern twist. Unlike regular deodorants that are cased in single-use plastic, Helmm features a refillable case made of a metal alloy and hand-stitched leather. The refillable pods, which use 60% less plastic than regular plastic containers, can detach and be recycled after use. Consumers can reorder the pod or have it delivered each month to their doorstep via a subscription. The deodorant itself comes in four scents and is free of toxic ingredients, such as sulfates, talc, and parabens. Helmm’s system provides a more streamlined, eco-friendly way to purchase an essential personal care product.


As any health conscious consumer will tell you, finding all-natural beauty and personal care products that actually work can be a challenge. It’s the reason why Megababe at one point had 13,000 people on its waiting list. Brought to the masses by the same company responsible for the popular Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick, Megababe is an all natural deodorant that effectively keeps armpits smelling rosy fresh without the use of harmful chemicals, containing coconut, green tea, vitamin E, sage, and sandalwood. The brand has earned the seal of approval from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle and wellness brand, Goop, where it is available for online purchase along with its own website and UltaBeauty.com.