Snackable dessert doughs offer bite-sized treats

Indulgent food and beverages are the vice of choice for Gen Zs, as Cassandra explored in Glutton Goals. Combined with Millennials’ accelerated sense of nostalgia, especially for the treats of their youth, the recent release of snackable dessert doughs—helped along by the proliferation of cookie dough cafes—hits that sweet spot for all young consumers.


Fans of Ben & Jerry’s, the brand that actually invented cookie dough ice cream, think the best part of the cookie dough flavor is the chunks of sugary dough nestled in the vanilla ice cream—the company got so many requests for “just the chunks” that they decided to test standalone snackable cookie dough in a targeted market, giving them time to tweak the recipe before potentially releasing it on a wider scale. For now, Ben & Jerry’s is selling their snackable dough by the half-pound bag for $5 a pop at scoop shops in in the brand’s home state of Vermont.


Even though cookie dough is the more prevalent baking dough, it isn’t the only type of pre-baked treat that people enjoy. Recognizing this, The Cookie Dough Café added a single-serve snackable brownie batter to its edible dough offerings, which already include the likes of chocolate chip and Oreo flavors. The 3.5 oz cup features a lid with a built-in spoon, making it easier than ever to eat brownie batter anywhere, and the snack’s vegan formula makes it 100% safe to consume, unlike typical batter that contains raw eggs. 


Amidst a treat landscape laden with nostalgic product revivals, online gift distributor Vat19 offers a take on the ‘90s birthday staple Funfetti cake with its Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Bites. The spherical treats are a hybrid snack: they have the consistency of raw cookie dough, the flavor of white cake, and a coating of Funfetti frosting—a trifecta of sentimental, sugary sweets. Customers can purchase 3.1 oz boxes of the bites for $1.99.