New subscription services help to make plant care easy

Modern youth have a newfound obsession with indoor greenery that isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. Young people are using plants as a means to lower their stress, purify their air, and promote a sense of wellbeing. But for many new plant owners, keeping them alive can be a process of trial and error. These companies are helping customers by offering subscription services that replace dead plants and providing the education plant parents need to keep their plants alive and happy.


The Sill is making the joys of urban greenery easy and accessible for anyone who wants to make the leap into plant parenthood. The New York-based startup, which sells potted indoor plants, is on a mission to educate new plant owners on how to keep their plants thriving. Each one of The Sill’s plants comes with a set of instructions on how to care for it, while its website is chock full of plant care tips and tricks. In addition to a monthly plant subscription, The Sill offers a yearly membership to its Plant Parent Club. For an annual fee of $39, plant enthusiasts are given access to online workshops and other perks, such as 10% off all online orders and free standard shipping.


Martha Stewart is expanding her lifestyle brand by tapping into the floral space. The DIY queen has partnered with the online floral subscription company BloomsyBox to create specially curated floral arrangements that are sure to brighten up any living space. Starting on December 1st, customers will be able to purchase a subscription to Martha Stewart’s curated floral collection, which will feature a monthly delivery of fresh-cut roses from sustainable flower farms around the world. Each floral arrangement will come with care tips that will help consumers keep their flowers healthy until their next delivery. Martha Stewart and BloomsyBox.com have plans to add new floral varieties to its arrangements next year.


For those who struggle to keep their plants alive, a new company called House Plant Box is stepping in to help. The Southern California-based online plant shop provides customers with a subscription program that can replace dead plants with new ones. Starting at $12 per month, House Plant Box sends customers a healthy in-season plant each month, along with a care guide and random surprises, such as fertilizer, planters, and terrariums. The company offers three different subscription box types: monthly, premium, and pet-friendly. If a customer’s plant meets an untimely death, they have another healthy plant to look forward to the following month.