New skincare brands cater to all genders

Figuring out a skincare routine can be overwhelming, with so many brands on the market promising to deliver. Following the rise of gender-neutral fashion brands and grooming products geared toward men, gender-neutral skincare is beginning to gather steam in the beauty world, with the following gender-neutral personal care brands helping to simplify skincare for all.


Non Gender Specific (aka NGS) is a new skincare brand that’s making a splash for its all-in-one, gender-neutral product The Everything Serum. The inclusive serum is 100% all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free and contains potent ingredients such as algae, mushroom, caffeine, and pine bark. The multi-use product claims to moisturize, reduce pore size, brighten and firm skin, boost elasticity, and smooth wrinkles. The Everything Serum can be purchased online or in-store at the beauty merchandiser Credo. Young consumers will appreciate NGS as its product and mission align with their values.


The minimalist trend has taken root in a new gender-neutral personal care brand called Panacea. The brand’s co-founder, Terry Lee, suffered from cystic acne while in college and wanted to create an uncomplicated skincare line to combat the need to use multiple products from multiple brands. Inspired by K-beauty and the trend in gender-neutral products, Panacea’s simple three-step skincare regimen is designed to heal and nourish combination skin. The line includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, is sulfate-free, and contains natural ingredients like algae and green tea. Skincare that uses all-natural ingredients is popular among today’s youth who desire products that contribute to their overall health and wellness.


Indie skincare brand Peet Rivko aims to treat sensitive skin with its clean beauty products. The gender-neutral skincare brand uses responsibly-sourced ingredients in its formulas and forgoes the use of harmful chemicals and essential oils that can cause irritation. Unlike other skincare brands that add fragrances or chemicals that render products scent-free, Peet Rivko allows its products to smell as nature intended so that users know they’re getting an 100% undoctored product. The line launched with a three-piece skincare regimen called The Essentials Kit that includes a cleanser, daily moisturizer, and balancing face oil. The products come in aesthetically pleasing packaging that modern youth would be proud to display in their bathrooms or on their vanities.