Stress-reducing beverages are on the rise

Consumption of sugary, caffeinated sodas is on the decline as young generations focus on healthy living, giving rise to wellness beverages for hydration and sleep benefits. New drinks focus on reducing stress to help young consumers lead balanced lives.


Moon milk functions essentially as the opposite of coffee—rather than waking consumers up, the intent of this beverage is to get drinkers ready to sleep. Recipes for moon milk abound across the internet, but they feature ingredient lists with a base of warm milk, dairy or otherwise, and add-ins such as turmeric, cinnamon, fruit, honey, nutmeg, mushrooms, maple syrup, ashwagandha and other adaptogens, and more. A modern take on basic warm milk as a remedy for a sleepless night, moon milk is meant to help consumers relax and de-stress before heading to bed.


The CEO and founder of Herbal Natural Drink started the company because of trouble sleeping at night, an issue many young people experience. The beverage intends to help drinkers reduce stress with natural ingredients; it features jasmine, purported to relieves stress, treat insomnia, and regulate circulation with its antibacterial properties and sedative effect, and valerian, meant to improve sleep with its sedative and anti-anxiety effects. As of now, the green apple-flavored beverage only ships direct in Hungary but is available to wholesale distributors throughout Europe.


Nestlé has been expanding its beverage line to cater to modern youth’s needs, including a ketogenic coffee creamer and a new line of mineral water with health benefits. Levissima +, available in the Italian market, adds three new functional beverages to the Levissima line. Each new fruit flavor features a star ingredient: potassium for improved muscle function, magnesium to lessen fatigue and improve concentration, and zinc for reduced stress and greater well-being. Additional varieties are scheduled to launch next year.