Gender-neutral cosmetics brands cater to all

Societal shifts around gender norms and identity are opening up the market for a new era of cosmetics: ones that are deeply and inherently inclusive to any and all who wish to use makeup, regardless of gender. As we simultaneously see the rise of gender-neutral skincare lines, genderless beauty and grooming is becoming the rule, rather than the exception, for young consumers.


Fluide, a mission-driven beauty brand that creates radically inclusive makeup for all gender identities and expressions, not to mention all skin tones, recently released lipstick and nail polish—named after queer spaces around the globe—along with loose glitter for a whimsical collection that is truly intended for everyone. The cruelty-free cosmetics are formulated without any endocrine-disrupting chemicals, an effort that displays extra sensitivity to those undergoing hormone therapy due to gender change. Fluide also donates 5% of its profits to charities that support LGBTQ+ rights. 


Unisex makeup startup Jecca is joining the L’Oreal Open Innovation program to bring its gender-neutral makeup to mainstream consumers. While the UK-based brand manufactures products that address specific beauty needs of the transgender community, such as concealing beard shadow, the marketing is purposely neutral—different than Fluide’s bold marketing, intended to challenge traditional beauty norms—and features androgynous models to broadcast that the makeup is meant for everyone, communicating recognition for all stages of self-identification and acceptance, which youth are eager to see


MAC Cosmetics collaborations are notoriously headline-making due to the influence of their iconic partners and the hyperfast sellout time of the resulting products, but their partnership with designer Nicola Formichetti was noteworthy for other reasons. Building off Formichetti’s foray into entirely genderless clothing with his fashion label Nicopanda, which was one of the first to position itself as such, MAC x NICOPANDA is a line of genderless makeup that celebrates the freedom of self-expression via bold colors and fun accoutrements that include face jewelry.  A full-on ball at Macy’s, the collaboration’s official retail partner, commemorated the launch of the collection and encapsulated the spirit of freedom it celebrates.