Innovative food brands use cold pasteurization

Today’s health conscious youth are always on the lookout for wholesome mealtime solutions, giving rise to ready meals that are preserved and packaged using high pressure processing (HPP). Unlike traditional pasteurization, which uses heat, HPP is a cold preservation method that uses water pressure to render foodborne pathogens inactive. The following HPP brands can be found in the refrigeration aisle and provide the nutrition-dense foods that modern youth crave.


The new snack food brand MUSH is elevating oatmeal. Its founders wanted to create a healthy, ready-to-eat product that was free of dairy and other hard-to-pronounce additives. MUSH’s overnight oats are made with gluten-free oats and almond milk are packaged using high pressure processing, which allows the product to remain raw while extending its shelf life without the use of preservatives. MUSH comes in five flavors: vanilla bean, dark cacao, wild blueberry, coconut cold brew, and apple crisp. All of MUSH’s packaging is 100% recyclable and BPA-free.


Cassandra Curtis wanted a healthier alternative to the traditional baby food found on the shelf to feed her child, and so she co-founded the organic baby food startup Once Upon A Farm. Unlike shelf-stable baby foods that lose nutritional value in the pasteurization process, Once Upon A Farm prepares its pouched baby food using HPP, which cold presses produce in order to maintain its nutrition and freshness. The brand’s innovative product and commitment to transparency at all levels of production attracted former Annie’s Organic Foods CEO John Foraker, and actress and entrepreneur Jennifer Garner joined Once Upon A Farm in 2017.


Do Anything Foods is on a mission to bring nutrient-rich shortcut meals to families’ tables with its line of plant-based, vegan sauces. The brand’s products are packaged using high pressure processing, which helps to preserve the nutrition and flavor that are normally lost in the traditional pasteurization process. The sauces come in five flavors—kale pesto, beet pesto, cauliflower alfredo, creamy butternut squash, and savory tomato veggie. Along with being completely vegan, Do Anything Foods is also organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and nut-free.