Innovations help with packing and planning lunch.

Lunch is an oft overlooked meal, with the emphasis falling on the first and last meals of the day. Some brands are changing that with services to help users find lunch companions, and these brands are upping the lunch box game with innovations for the way consumers pack and plan their middle meal.


Prepd wants to cure office employees of the "sad desk lunch" phenomena, providing an option that makes lunch time a happier experience. The unique lunch box and accoutrements offer an easy way to organize one’s meal; the box perfectly fits Prepd’s food containers, folds out into a placemat for keeping one’s desk clean while eating, and holds the magnetic cutlery that negates the need for single-use plastic utensils. The accompanying app also supplies recipes that fit neatly into the brand's containers and can assist in meal planning and calorie-counting. 


Made to make mealtime simpler for kids, OmieBox is a bento-style lunch box that uses two types of insulation to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. Available in a handful of bright colors with a label box to personalize it, the stainless steel bowl section of OmieBox is vacuum-insulated to keep food warm and prevent heat transfer. The other compartments are air insulated to keep their cold contents cold. The design is meant to be easy for children to eat out of, as well as appealing to them by presenting food in an attractive manner.


Rather than a revolutionary way to pack a meal, Lala Lunchbox is an innovative app to help parents plan lunches for their kids. The founder of the app wanted to ensure her children ate healthy food and didn’t waste anything by leaving school lunches uneaten. La La Lunchbox allows kids to pick their packed lunches for the week—each made up of a protein, fruit, vegetable, and snack from a repertoire pre-selected by parents—encouraging them to eat each healthy meal by being part of the process. The app helps parents plan ahead by knowing exactly what to shop for and reducing the amount of food waste.