Services help the newly single through their breakup

Breaking up is hard to do, and new services are stepping up to help consumers going through the emotional process, whether it’s with an app tracking their progress, a unique travel experience to keep their mind off of it, or a storage solution to keep all items related to their ex out of sight and out of mind. 


It can be hard to move on from a breakup when mementos from your ex are everywhere, so a clever collaboration between storage company MakeSpace and digital marketing agency Mschf offers the broken-hearted a solution: ExBox. Users rate the severity of their breakup to unlock various discounts, and MakeSpace comes to collect all of the items that remind consumers of their former significant other to put into storage. For young people who prize the personal nature of their living space, keeping it free of negative belongs is essential.


Apps assisting with mental health are growing in number, and Rx Breakup, co-founded by a marriage and family therapist, is meant specifically to help users through the emotional process of getting over a breakup. The free app offers a 30-day program with daily activities, prompts, and advice for coping. It encourages users to cut all digital ties to their ex, redirect their attention toward active and positive advancement, and even offers a place to log and review red flags and reasons why it’s best that the relationship ended. 


The tour operator turned brand experience agency Secret Tour Hong Kong partnered with brands across industries, including Airbnb, Cathay Pacific, and Carousell, to provide four newly single people with a five-day immersive experience in Hong Kong to help heal their broken hearts. Along with airfare and accommodations, the excursion included discounts at more than 30 locations, from restaurants to clothing stores. Outings with locals were also organized, which is a key component for the approximately 50% of Trendsetting youth who like to try to meet locals when they are traveling.