New ways to consume cereal win attention back to the struggling industry

Millennials are accused of “killing” many things, from napkins to diamonds to cereal. To try to stay alive, cereal is popping up in other forms, including cereal-flavored beer, music records made of cereal, and cereal-inspired hair trends. Proving it’s not dead yet, these cereal innovations are taking another stab at reviving the industry.


When it comes to innovation, young people don’t just want it, they expect it—hence the aforementioned industries they’ve “killed.” The co-founders of the CrunchCup are innovating cereal by transforming the way it’s eaten. Their Kickstarter for a double-chambered to-go cup that allows users to eat on the go by pouring cereal and milk into their mouths at the same time nearly doubled its $18,000 goal. Along with ease of transportation that eliminates the need for a bowl and spoon, the CrunchCup also negates the possibility of soggy cereal, since it’s separated from the milk.


Consumers in the UK can enjoy their cereal on the go in a different format: as a latte. Launched last month, Starbucks locations in the UK are serving a limited edition cereal latte. The drink is comprised of dairy-free oat milk and a shot of espresso mixed with a powder made of oat, barley, and wheat. To top it off, it’s sprinkled with crispy pieces reminiscent of Cheerios. The reaction on social media has been largely negative; the coffee chain did better with its announcement about eliminating straws


Self-proclaimed gourmet nut butter artisan brand The Peanut Principle has combined two classics to make an appealing snack—or meal staple, depending on the consumer—with its new “cereously” good line. The four new flavors, available in 16 oz. jars for $7.99, are based on popular cereal types, and feature actual bits of the cereal: cinnamon crisp, cocoa puffed rice, fruity crisp, and maple toast crisp. The Peanut Principle also sells nut butters of all origins, including pistachio, sunflower, and pumpkin seed butters, and all flavors, such as white chocolate blueberry, birthday cake, and chocolate mint cookie.