Beauty and personal care brands innovate to reduce waste

From fast food to furniture, companies across all industries are doing what they can to produce less waste. In addition to helping the planet, brands that help to make the world a better place through eco-conscious design will gain favor among today’s environmentally-focused youth. The following beauty brands have created plastic packaging alternatives, proving to young consumers that they are in the fight against waste.


An estimated 1 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills each year. Bite wants to reduce this number with the help of an innovative pill. The direct-to-consumer brand has developed an alternative to traditional toothpaste called Toothpaste Bits—toothpaste ingredients that have been pressed into pill-form and packaged in a refillable glass bottle. The pill, which is made from natural ingredients, foams when bitten and cleans like regular toothpaste. Toothpaste Bits come in two different types, whitening mint and mint with activated charcoal, and can be ordered once or on a monthly subscription basis.


Seed Phytonutrients is making good on its mission to promote natural beauty, environmental sustainability, organic farming, and seed diversity. Not only has the brand developed a line of personal care products that are made with sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients, but it has also developed innovative, environmentally-friendly packaging. The brand’s products are housed in specially designed bottles made from 100% post-consumer paper and plastic that’s 60% thinner than regular bottles. To encourage customers to recycle the different components after use, the company has hidden a packet of organic seeds from the Hudson Valley between the plastic bottle and protective paper, which can be planted to beautify one’s home.


Lush has earned a reputation of being a sustainability leader in the beauty industry. The brand’s Naked Liquid Soap solid is its latest effort to lessen its paper and plastic waste. The solid soap bar—ironically shaped like a liquid soap pump—is vegan, antibacterial, free of palm oil, and is made with natural ingredients, including oat milk, oats, cocoa, and tonka, a seed that gives the soap a sweet vanilla scent. As young consumers’ concern about the state of the environment grows, brands like Lush that can lessen or eliminate the need for packaging have an opportunity to earn their loyalty. The bar is exclusively available at Lush’s Manchester, UK Naked Shop.