Startups offer direct-to-consumer birth control

Affordability and accessibility to women’s healthcare is a top priority to many socially-conscious young consumers, and brands are stepping up with anti-pink tax campaigns, feminine care subscription services, and startups like these that provide users with birth control at a low cost delivered directly to their door to help with both affordability and access.


The Pill Club is one of an expanding number of startups in the telemedicine industry; its mission is to provide access to birth control to all women in the U.S., with or without health insurance. It currently delivers contraception—as well as fun surprises like chocolate and face masks—in all 50 states, and its medical team is licensed to prescribe medication in 35 states. The Pill Club plans to use its recently raised $51 million in Series B funding to expand its prescription services to the entire country.


PRJKT RUBY does more than provide birth control to females in the U.S. without insurance for just $20/month. As a partner with global health organization Population Services International, PRJKT RUBY’s TakeCare GiveCare initiative donates $0.25 for every month of contraceptives purchased to help women in developing regions have access to affordable birth control options, too—a powerful social good component that modern youth admire. U.S. customers fill out a medical questionnaire before the prescription is sent to a pharmacist for review and then shipped directly to the user.


Birth control pills aren’t the only hormone-related service that Lemonaid Health offers from its online doctor’s office. The startup also delivers medicine directly to users’ doors for erectile dysfunction and hair loss, and offers consultations on many more issues, including cold sores, UTIs, the flu, STI testing, acne, and more. Lemonaid works with patients with and without insurance; a $25 consultation is not covered by insurance (and is refunded if a Lemonaid doctor cannot help the user), but prescriptions can be when applicable.