Products and services celebrate grandma’s cooking

Foodie culture has taken off, with many consumers seeking out new, offbeat food and beverage experiences. But nothing can really beat the taste and comfort of grandmother’s home cooking. The following products and services celebrate the wisdom and authenticity that can only be found in grandma’s kitchen.


The Pasta Grannies YouTube channel combines the mesmerizing art of pasta making and the heartwarming quality of grandma’s home cooking. Food writer Vicky Bennison started the channel to document her discovery of delicious home cooked cuisine throughout Italy. She’s interviewed over 200 grannies and has captured their works of pasta perfection for the world to learn from and enjoy. The videos are short and educational, featuring a different grandmother sharing her own unique process and preserving a piece of her heritage. Modern youth gravitate toward this type of content because it gives them a glimpse of the origin story of food, something they seek across categories.


Lisa Gross regretted not learning how to cook her favorite Korean dishes from her grandmother while she was alive, sparking the idea for her to found League of Kitchens. The company hires grandmas and aunties from different cultures around the world to teach hands-on cooking workshops in NYC and LA that feature food from their country. Unlike other cooking classes and online tutorials, students of these classes are taught in women’s homes and get to see and experience the sensory cues that make the meals the real deal. This gives them a greater sense of connection to the story behind the meal they’re eating—an experience which modern youth craves.


While writing his new cookbook Jamie Cooks Italy: From the Heart of the Italian Kitchen, British chef Jamie Oliver sought help from the country’s real food experts: Italian nonnas. He traveled all over Italy to visit nonnas who were willing to share their knowledge about home cooking and divulge a few of their family recipes. From gnocchi to lamb stew, Oliver has distilled some of the wisdom of this generation of Italian grandmothers into the 400-page book in the hopes that it will inspire the next generation of Italian home cooks and preserve the legacy of the nonnas with whom he spoke. The book complements the chef’s cooking series of the same name, wherein the chef travels Italy and demonstrates how to cook some of the recipes with guidance from a nonna.