High emotions are fueling the global rise of rage rooms

Modern youth are experiencing high levels of stress and are creating new ways of coping with their negative emotions. Anger rooms or “rage rooms” are opening around the world to help them vent their frustrations and cultivate emotional wellness in a safe and fun environment.


Chinese youth have a new way of dealing with their anger with the arrival of Smash, a rage room equipped with bats, hammers, and an assortment of old office equipment and kitchen wares that they can smash to their heart’s content. Customers can even bring their own items to smash, like that box filled with an ex’s old things, to help them go through the process of healing. Smash goes through a whopping 15,000 glass bottles every month. Given the pressures youth are dealing with as a result of their life stage and the state of the world, rage rooms like Smash provide a safe outlet where they can let out their frustration.


Inspired by the rise of break rooms across Asia, Johnny Li and Russell Dunne opened Sydney’s first rage room, Smash Brothers, where customers can go to vent their frustrations on glass bottles, old printers, and kitchen crockery. To maintain a steady flow of breakables, Smash Brothers partnered with local restaurants to receive their old beer and wine bottles. According to Li, Sydney seemed the perfect place for a rage room due to the pressures young people face living in the city, such as the rising cost of living, high interest rates, and fear of unemployment.


In the basement of a West 38th Street office building lies the Rage Cage, a rage room where the irate New Yorker can release their pent up stress and anger on old office electronics or an assortment of china. Customers have to sign a safety waiver and suit up in protective gear before taking their turn in the cage. The Rage Cage offers different packages for a rage session, from $44.99 for a solo experience to $224.99 for a group up to six. With modern youth seeking mental wellness in new ways, rage rooms provide an alternative means for them to deal with their stress and anger in a safe and controlled space.