Sleep-friendly desserts arrive

Getting deep, restorative sleep is paramount to health, but in modern society’s state of general fatigue—brought on by chronic stress and anxiety—everyone is looking for a little boost. Seeing the renewed focus on functional sleep aids, brands are developing sweet snacks that aid in the quest for more ZZZs, so that consumers no longer have to make tradeoffs when it comes to having their sweets—or their sleep.


The rise of functional food has prompted a shift in what consumers expect of the food they eat: they increasingly want snacks to not only provide sustenance, but added benefits as well. NightFood, a functional food startup, has more than digested this idea, leading to the debut of the brand’s “sleep-friendly” ice cream in February. The frozen treat was formulated with the help of sleep experts and nutritionists, and while it doesn’t contain sleep aids, it offers snackers a less physically taxing indulgence that won’t disrupt sleep when eaten, even late at night. NightFood retails at $4.99 a pint, and comes in eight flavors.


The old folklore of drinking a cup of warm milk before bed is common, but UK-based brand Sleep Well took it to the next level by releasing a ready-to-drink chocolate milk—made with milk from local cows, along with cocoa, honey, and valerian, a generally safe and effective herbal sleep aid—that is intended to be drunk as part of a healthy bedtime routine. Sleep Well spent six months developing this particular variation, which presents a certain “chocolate coziness,” after positive feedback from its previously-released Vanilla Sleep Well, the brand’s first drinkable sleep aid offering.


Building on the success of its line of chocolate supplements for adults, Good Day Chocolate launched Good Day Chocolate For Kids, a similar line that includes Multivitamin, Probiotic, Calm, and Sleep offerings and was formulated specifically for children. The Sleep variety contains one milligram of melatonin to soothe occasional restlessness and the chocolate itself, which provides an alternative format to pills and gummies and delivers pharmaceutical grade supplements in childsafe pediatric doses, is formulated with Fair-Trade certified milk and dark chocolate. Each chocolate is also colorfully coated with fruit and vegetable dyes, creating an even more appetizing treat.