Dog park + bar hybrids are expanding

Millennial dog owners don’t consider their pooches merely pets; they regard them as members of their family. In fact, Millennials are buying homes with their dogs in mind, hosting and attending dog birthday parties, and even giving rise to “pawternity” programs at work. It follows that there’s a booming market for upgraded dog parks with bars that provide an exciting destination for both owners and canines.


One of the most popular spots in Dallas and Fort Worth is none other than a dog park. Mutts Canine Cantina, which has its sights set on 40 markets, offers a sprawling space for dogs and owners to play. Owners can relax on the patio overlooking the dog park or inside the fenced-in space while enjoying a selection of food and drinks. With Millennials increasingly choosing not to have kids, they’re devoting more of their disposable income to their pets, including paying for access to dog parks. In fact, more than one in 10 Millennials have made luxury purchases within the pet care category in the past year, as we found in our upcoming Generations Report, launching March 28th.


This summer, Orlando will welcome the aptly named dog park Boozehounds, which will offer a full-service bar made from shipping containers. Owners can hang out, watch TV, and even drink with their dogs, as the bar will serve “dog beer,” a chicken broth-based liquid. The founders boast that Boozehounds will be a sports bar just as much as a dog park with ample space for two-legged and four-legged patrons alike. Local food trucks will serve food, making it a welcoming space for all, even dog lovers who don’t have pets of their own. Boozehounds will offer a membership program for $10/day, $20/month, or $149/annually, with discounts for those who have multiple dogs.


Young consumers are seeking a greater sense of community and dog parks are a place where they’re obtaining it, especially ones that create a social atmosphere for owners, too. BrewHound, a dog park and bar opening in Neptune Beach, FL this spring, is among such places. Like Boozehounds and Mutts, BrewHound will offer a membership model, though people without dogs are welcome to come hang out and drink. Owners can feel assured that their dogs are in good hands, even if they step away to go to the bar, as BrewHound will have “Rufarees” in the park to make sure all dogs play nice.