Restaurant menus offer discounts at off-peak times

Surge pricing is a phenomena usually affiliated with ride share services during a rainstorm and airlines during the holidays. The restaurant industry is flipping the script by offering menu items at lower prices during typically slow times, drumming up business for the quiet kitchen.


Bob Bob Ricard, a high end restaurant in London known for its champagne call buttons at each table, started pioneering a tiered pricing model last year. Depending on the day of the week and the time of day, the same menu can be perused and purchased for 15% or even 25% less than the full price. During an off-peak time, such as lunch on Mondays, the restaurant’s lobster macaroni and cheese (pictured above) can satisfy diners’ cravings for £20.50 instead of £26.50.


NYC Indian restaurant Desi Galli, famous for its twist on poutine with tikka sauce and grated paneer, also changes its prices at different times of the day. The two locations in Alphabet City and Murray Hill vary the prices of dishes, including its tikka masala poutine, kathi rolls, and curries, 15% to 20% for delivery during afternoon hours. Chef and owner PriaVanda Chouhan said that it can actually help them make more profits, which they use to help pay new staff, and sell slow-moving items, which has helped decrease her kitchen to around 1% food waste.


Instead of choosing a restaurant based on a peer’s recommendation, the BigDish app allows UK users to book a reservation based on a discounted menu price. During their quiet hours, restaurants can offer up to 50% off to get customers in the door. Drinks aren’t included in the offer, but all menu items are up for grabs with no minimum purchase necessary to qualify for the discount. BigDish raised £2.2 million last summer to help fund its launch.