Beauty brands create celestially inspired skincare, makeup, and beauty tools

Beauty brands are tapping into consumers’ interests in astrology, spirituality, and galaxy-inspired colors with collections revolving around the moon. Each one takes something different from the moon craze to create products from skincare and make up to crystals, meditations, and moon rituals.


MoonBox is a self-care regimen intended for consumers influenced by astrology and spirituality. The brand describes their subscription box as a “monthly check-up for the soul designed with self-care in mind.” Their products are sent in sync with the lunar calendar as they hope to help their customers set an intention at the New Moon and manifest these goals by the Full Moon. For $34 a month, subscribers receive organic, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products by small brands; new crystals; and an access pass to their online products such as their calendar plug-in to remind users of major cosmic events.


The major U.S. cosmetics brand went in a glitzy-galactic direction with their limited edition Shoot The Moon Collection. The range was launched in September 2018 with British fashion model Adwoah Aboah as the face of the campaign. Some of the more cosmically cool products include the Glow Gelée, a bright jelly highlighter, and creamy eye paint for an extra galactic glow. Revlon reached for the stars with night-sky blue packaging covered in gold shooting stars and moons.


Urban Pulse, a Baltimore-based skincare brand, released a Fall 2018 collection of all-natural products for sensitive skin types. The Harvest Moon Collection boasts products made from a variety of essentials oils, clay, natural oils, and butters that are plant-based, natural, and organic. Consumers who purchase these products can expect a unique blend of ingredients that balance and nourish skin without wondering if they’re putting unknown, harsh chemicals onto their bodies. The Harvest Moon Collection also offers a selection of handmade candles and aromatherapy.