Brands host classes in the arts

As today’s youth continue to prioritize self-improvement, they’re seeking new opportunities to further educate themselves. With the knowledge that modern youth consider learning vital to their lives, with 81% of U.S. Trendsetters saying this, brands are increasingly launching hands-on classes, especially in the arts, to bridge education and creativity to effectively engage curious young consumers.


Ahead of a national fan art competition for The Walking Dead’s promotional pop-up exhibition titled FOX’s The Walking Dead: Art Apocalypse in the UK, FOX offered life drawing classes that were more “death drawing” than life drawing. Last fall, London-based fans of the hit show had the opportunity to draw a live—or rather, “undead”—model who had been made up with the same zombie prosthetics used on the actual Walkers in the show, all to prepare participants for the fan art competition ahead. This combination of entertainment and art was smart on FOX’s part, as 80% of global youth say that art/design is important to their life.


Degree deodorant partnered with dance entertainment network DanceOn to host experiential pop-up dance classes—as part of a multi-channel campaign—in LA and NYC last fall. The classes were free and covered a range of dance styles, from ballet to hip-hop. By tapping into the all-encompassing modern wellness trend (as covered in the Cassandra Report: Body Mind Soul), Degree hoped to foster a more meaningful connection with its young consumers—especially as it concerns youths’ interest in the intersection of exercise and entertainment and the growing popularity of dance classes in general.


Van Cleef & Arpels’ L’École, School of Jewelry Arts, returned to New York City for the first time in three years this past fall, offering participants its most expansive U.S. program yet. The purpose of the program was to democratize the highly-exclusionary world of high-end jewelry to those who are interested in the space, regardless if they work in the industry. The program included educational courses, workshops for aspiring young artisans, panel discussions, and exhibitions, all of which brought together jewelry experts and specialists across multiple disciplines.

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