Spas incorporate CBD into their massage treatments

A growing number of spas have turned to a somewhat controversial ingredient as an additive to their massage offerings. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis that reduces pain, inflammation, and anxiety upon ingestion or absorption through the skin. Many spa guests request this CBD-infused service to alleviate stress and soreness, and/or achieve a more restful sleep.


One of Anjali Spa’s newest treatments is the Green CBD Spa Treatment. The experience begins with a massage therapist applying a compound made with activated hemp to the client’s area of concern, creating a tingly feeling. Next, the massage therapist uses a hemp-based massage oil for the treatment, and the massage isn’t finished until the client receives their green smoothie. Guests can choose to customize other treatments with the addition of CBD oil for an extra $30.


Treatments at the Vail Vitality Center have begun shifting from sports massage to healing and pain relief. Its offerings work to detoxify the body and provide muscle soreness relief. This change comes with their CBD Rescue service; the treatment uses their High Mountain Scrub, a hemp and coffee scrub used at the start of the massage, that is followed with a full body massage with CBD oil for full muscle relaxation. The Center uses Colorado-grown CBD oil from Nature’s Root, an award-winning hemp company.


San Francisco-based day spa Earthbody started offering CBD-infused rituals, including treatments that utilize CBD products from Omcali Sacred Skincare. Guests can also buy these oils from the Earthbody website. Of the offerings, there are two main treatments: Ritual to Soothe and Ritual to Calm. The Soothe treatment provides muscle pain relief while Calm offers a remedy for deep sleep and balance. Both use CBD but the oils are infused with different ingredients. If neither of those massages quite meets the client’s needs, they have the option to add either the Soothe or Calm CBD oils to any treatment on the menu.