Nitrogen-infused beverages expand beyond coffee

Nitro-infused coffee has gained popularity over the last couple of years, and Starbucks will expand sales of its cult favorite Nitro Cold Brew from fewer than half of its U.S. locations to all of them this year. Now, beverage brands are offering nitro fans the same creamy, foamy option in soda and tea to fulfill their craving.


Pepsi followed the sparkling water trend with its release of bright bubly cans, and now it’s jumping on the nitro bandwagon with Nitro Pepsi. The beverage, which boasts a “velvety, cascading foam,” has been sampled at large events like February’s Super Bowl. The first ever nitrogen-infused soft drink is being created in original and vanilla flavors and is meant to be served cold but without ice. Pepsi hopes the innovation will boost lagging soda sales as consumers have been turning toward healthier options.


A collaboration between tea brand Lipton, MONIN syrups, and Resorts World Genting in Malaysia, the unique new tea beverage Lipton Nitro Tea is being served exclusively on-location at the resort’s High Line destination of restaurants, bars, and cafes. The nitrogen infusion chills and thickens the beverage, making a creamier iced tea with a foam top that resembles beer poured from a tap. The nitro tea is available in two flavors, Spice Bloom and Blue Owl, and is prepared from real leaves sourced from sustainable tea plantations.


Matcha has been enjoying time in the spotlight as an ingredient in beverages and in beauty and skincare products. Coffee maker Joyride has created a new spin on a matcha beverage with its Nitro Matcha Cold Brew Tea. The concoction of matcha, sencha, and nitrogen is sold in kegs to specialty distributors across the U.S. where it’s served on tap to produce the creamy, frothy texture nitro fans love. Joyride plans to expand distribution of this particular beverage beyond the shops in Boston, NYC, and California where it’s currently served.