Brands expand into products and services for children

As Cassandra found in our Modern Parents report, 92% of Millennial parents in the U.S. say their children influence their purchases. Brands have taken notice and targeted advertising for non-kid’s items toward children, knowing they may not hold the purse strings but they do hold significant power. The following brands are launching products and services catering to these young kids who help their parents make purchase decisions.


Quip disrupted the dental hygiene industry with its sleek electric toothbrushes and quippy (pardon the pun) advertising. It’s expanding its market reach with a new product meant for children; the kid’s Quip is similar to the original but with a smaller head, a non-slip grip handle, and a different color palette. The toothbrush can be purchased on its own or accompanied by a toothpaste and/or replacement brush head subscription. The timer on the toothbrush is meant to help kids develop healthy oral care habits.


Millennials and Gen Zs have given rise to the modern retail rental economy, and now one of the industry’s first and biggest players is offering its services to even younger consumers. Rent the Runway launched RTR Kids last month with a focus on girl’s clothing for special occasions and “Mommy and me” styles in sizes 3Y to 12Y. Brands available include Fendi, Stella McCartney, and Little Marc Jacobs. Members can access the kid’s clothing options through their monthly subscription and rent apparel for four to eight days.


In addition to sharing clothing, modern youth have also been big proponents of sharing vehicles. The ride share race is gaining a new participant, but this one is focused on passengers under the legal driving age. Zūm allows parents to use the app to schedule rides for their kids with fully vetted drivers. It has also partnered with more than 150 school districts to assist in transportation needs. The company recently raised $40 million in Series C funding.