Adaptogens are the current MVP in skincare

Beauty brands have started infusing their skincare products with adaptogens. These herbs adapt to what the body needs and help to reduce fatigue and the toxic effects of stress, internally and externally. Adaptogens are not FDA approved, but many of these herbs have been used for years for their relieving properties.


The 10.0 Tulsi Booster is an adaptogenic dry oil from skincare line Skin Regimen. The oil is made of a pure concentrated formula of Holy Basil, an Indian herb claimed to possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and adaptogenic properties. Holy Basil is believed to be soothing on irritations and acne, making it a great product to incorporate into a skincare routine. The brand creates products that focus on lowering skin’s stressors, external and internal, and claim to reduce cortisol levels at rest after 28 days of use.


Beauty brand Youth To The People has created an adaptogenic moisturizer to instantly refresh dull skin. The Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream claims to help skin from daily stressors, UV rays, and environmental pollutants. Youth To The People is a brand that believes in using whole, nutrient-rich, and clean ingredients to create their products. This cream is infused with an adaptogenic mushroom and herbs including ashwaghanda, rhodiola, and reishi. Another key ingredient, pentapeptide, purportedly calms the stress reactions in sensitive and irritated skin.


Cannabis beauty brand High Beauty uses adaptogens in its products to help calm inflammation and balance consumers’ skin, no matter the skin type. All of the products contain cannabis sativa seed oil (commonly known as hemp seed oil) along with a combination of other essential oils and antioxidants depending on the goal of the product. Despite the use of a cannabis extract, all of the products are legal and free of CBD and THC.

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